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Merlins Mates support Jen Walkers

Physical Animal Therapy

What is Physical Animal Therapy?

Physical animal therapy is a gentle, hands on, holistic therapy based on the Bowen Technique which can be very helpful for dogs with problems such as:

•  Acute injury, sprains and strains.
•  Chronic conditions and degenerative disease - improving the dog’s quality of life.
•  Rescue/re-homed dogs - relaxation of tension caused by earlier stress and trauma.
•  Pre- and post-operative surgery - assisting recovery times.
•  Fear-based anxiety - such as fireworks and thunderstorms.

Merlins Mates has a collaboration with Jen Walker from "The Home Clinic", one the UK`s leading Physical Animal Therapists, Click the link below to reach Jens Website or telephone for a booking on 01452 883 453.

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